“Peace cannot be kept by force but only through understanding”

“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die.”- Napoleon Bonaparte. For ages such idealistic notions of war has been romanticized. Rulers and military leaders thought that they could best enhance their prestige and prosecute their own careers by the aggressive expansion of state territory. The path of peace is often misunderstood Read more about “Peace cannot be kept by force but only through understanding”[…]

Motherhood : Through trials and tribulations

Ashapurna Devi sketched out the myriad shades and shapes of the world of women in her revolutionary work, “The First Promise” and the following trilogy; from Satyabati to Subarnalata and finally the oblivion portrayal of Bakulkatha. Containment, distress, constraints tore apart a daughter from her mother, a woman from the society she belonged yet alienated herself and a girl from Read more about Motherhood : Through trials and tribulations[…]