Peace and Conflict Studies

Discussant : Kusumika Ghosh, PhD Scholar, School of Law and Government, Dublin City University, Ireland, MA Peace and Conflict Studies
TISS Guwahati | Catalyst Alumna

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Positive: Communication, Professionalism – “It was a lovely experience to be a part of this institution. The most fun part about my time here was during the research study where I interacted with some very intelligent seniors to create an impactful research design. I came to know about the various topics that competitive exams put in front of students and how to learn and tackle the problems related with them.” – Upamanyu Dutta, Class XII, Incoming Bachelors in Sustainability, XIM Bhubaneswar

“I had approached Catalyst in 2018 to prepare for my social science entrance tests in various universities and institutions across India. I personally had a really great experience at Catalyst. I would define it as an appropriate mentoring service. The service wouldn’t end just by preparing the students for the written entrance, but it was also extended to the preparation of interviews and so on. Catalyst focuses on a holistic development of the individual. It emphasizes on bringing on board subject matter specialists and experts. Finally, the founder and chief mentor of Catalyst is extremely dedicated when it comes to the welfare of his students. Sauraveswar Sen Sir is one such person who always encourages his students to take initiatives and guides them forward. His communication skills are to the point and he would explain a topic n number of times patiently till the students are clear about it. Overall, my experience of being a part of Catalyst has been very pleasant and I am indeed honoured to be an alumnus of Catalyst. – Poymanti Gupta, Masters in Psychology, IIPR Bangalore

Great service. Provides constant help and very easy to interact with when seeking support!” Anuneeta Chatterjee, MSW Children and Family TISS 2020-21
“Catalyst learning services have helped me develop as a person. Not only that our mentor is an approachable, understanding and helpful person. I am very satisfied, and I gained a lot of experience from catalyst.”Rupsa Karmakar, MA Applied Psychology, TISS 2018 -20
“It was a great learning experience. Best suited for TISS aspirants.” – Shivangi Jaiswal, MA International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science
“Great place, great mentor, really updated with latest technology for the sake of learning and once you get to know this place the list will keep on increasing!!!!!!!!!” – Sagnik Ghosh
“Great place to go to if you’re looking to get into TISS. Their online study material is brilliantly crafted!!” – Deblina Chakraborty, Media Professional
“The perfect place for anyone looking for career guidance .” – Nishita Soumya, MA DS TISS 2020-21
“Catalyst helped me orient myself for the TISS-NET and gave me the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skill I needed to tackle this exam. I had a wonderful experience at Catalyst, and for anyone wanting to pursue higher studies at TISS I would definitely recommend Catalyst as a place that will help them begin their journey.” – Trisha Bhattacharya, MA WS TISS 2019-21
“ I was told about this institute by two of my friends. Initially I was a bit confused about joining Catalyst because at that point in time I had to take some serious decisions about my career. Somehow, I decided to go and meet the mentor, Sauraveswar Sen sir, and honestly the first meet was enough to make a confident choice to join Catalyst. Since I come from a science background entering the social science sector was a bumpy ride and Catalyst helped a lot at this juncture. Not only Catalyst provided me with standard materials for knowledge building and regular assessments to test my understanding but with the sincere guidance of Sen sir, I could actually see the gradual growth in my approaches, perspectives and body language. Any help pertaining to course work was happily provided by Catalyst even after class hours. “  Debankur Talukdar, MSW CODP TISS 2020 -22
“Catalyst Learning Services and Sauraveswar Sir have literally helped me pave my career path. I am extremely thankful for all the help and guidance that I have received. The classroom and learning environment is extremely professional and the kind of learning materials and training provided had helped me a lot to improve and ficus better on my career goals. I would definitely suggest Catalyst Learning Services to all aspiring students to aid them in their studies and career development as well.”  – Mitashree Dasgupta, MSW CF TISS 2015 – 17
“It gave me just the right guidance and help with preparation to chose my own passion interest as my career.” – Soumyaparna Samanta, MA PPG TISS 2016-18