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Catalyst Students

The growing number of students graduating from the Social Sciences every year is evidence of its unique role in the field of higher education today. Catalyst attracts some of the brightest students from across XI-th & XII-th standards as well as from the colleges & universities in India. We have developed cutting-edge training techniques with a capacity to equip our students in research, field-action, and management; as well as working with various groups and institutions. Being an intellectually vibrant, diverse, socially conscientious institute, we respond to different forms of natural and human made disasters and conflicts through our student and faculty. Catalyst emphasises employability, and all our students secure admissions into courses that provide them with placement through the university prior to graduation. Our students work with industries, government ministries / departments, civil society bodies, research settings, NGOs, and bilateral and multilateral organisations. Increasing number of our graduates also join All India Civil Services.

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