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TISS – CUET Strategies

November 28, 2023 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

Shinjini SenguptaShinjini Sengupta
15:30 10 Jun 23
Catalyst have been an excellent experience for me. Saurveswear Sen sir is an excellent mentor as he believes in interaction between teacher and student. Sir is very supportive and always available for all the support and help required.
Shyamasree JanaShyamasree Jana
07:28 14 May 23
I joined Catalyst in the month of November, 2021. I was keen to pursue my career in the field of social sector and Catalyst has been the perfect platform for me where I got guidance extensively by both Sauraveshwar Sir and Team. They have a well articulated plan for the aspirants to balance between all the subjects required to focus on for the competitive examinations. Along with Mathematics, Reasoning and Vocabulary, we had a separate website where we could go through the entire General Knowledge and General Studies which will be useful for the exams. There are separate one - to - one sessions as well by Sauraveshwar sir himself along with doubt clearing classes. We also attended various seminars and workshops on the prevailing social issues and on the solutions so as to curb it down. It has been a wonderful experience with Catalyst!
srijana ghoshsrijana ghosh
14:39 13 May 23
Catalyst has literally been the path of direction in leading me into my area of actual interests and especially fully utilize my potentials. It provides a vast source of resources in terms of networking, all the the necessary updates in the social sector. Saureshwar sir has been the most humble mentor, and has been supportive even beyond the course and been in touch continuously. Catalyst has been a great decision in my life for sure!
Sreya BanerjeeSreya Banerjee
11:18 10 May 23
Catalyst has been a great experience for me. Sauraveswar sir is an incredible teacher. He teacher us each and every topic with ease and even repeats it for us. He has been available all the time over phone. Whenever I used to feel nervous for vivas or exams I used to call him up. All the topics that came in our exam was explained thoroughly by sir. It was really great journey with catalyst. I can't even imagine that I could enroll myself in Symbiosis. I always used to dream but sir helped me in turning my dream into a reality.
Chandreyee GuptaChandreyee Gupta
14:48 22 Jan 23
It has been a great learning experience and journey with Catalyst Learning Services. I had enrolled in Catalyst in the year 2014. I was aspiring to study Masters and I required preparations for the competitive examination. The structured academic planning helped me to prepare for the exam. The classes were informative and insightful, and my doubts would be cleared as well. I was given study materials and questionnaires on the concepts taught, that helped me to strengthen my analytical, quantitative and qualitative skills sets. Overall I had a learning experience studying in Catalyst. I was able to pass the competitive examination and the following rounds. I got admissions in the Masters Programme in 2015. I sincerely thank Catalyst Learning Services for helping me in preparations and guiding me in the journey.
Shipra GuptaShipra Gupta
07:25 19 Aug 22
I got to know about Catalyst via What's app group. Before joining, they will take an orientation where they will try to understand your requirement and help you to see how can they help you. Going forward it was a smooth journey. They were there on every step and always a call away.
Madhurima RoyMadhurima Roy
11:17 09 Aug 22
It is a great learning space. It has given me the opportunity to push myself further to the edge at which I never thought I could have ever reach. Thorough learning and exercising has helped me overcome my many fears. Words would fall short to express the gratitude and gratefulness to this place.
05:02 27 Jul 22
I found about Catalyst through a random Google search. At that very time I was not very sure about which career path I should choose that will be best for me. After connecting with Sauraveshwar sir in catalyst. I could get a sense of what I should do next after my undergrad. As I joined catalyst during covid year, it really helped me a lot to get through a lot of entrance exams. The materials provided from catalyst helped me a lot in preparing better for the exams. Also, the guidance I received from sir was very useful not just for the exams but also for life ahead.
Ankit SinghAnkit Singh
09:02 10 Jul 22
One of the best platform to learn and grow in such an amazing atmosphere. I thank the mentor as well as founder Sauraveswar Sen Sir for putting his effort and creating a holistic purview in every students mind who has been with catalyst as he has served the purpose and keeps on doing the same after we have finished our courses as well.
Sudeshna BandyopadhyaySudeshna Bandyopadhyay
08:23 03 Jul 22
When I first joined Catalyst, I had little to no idea of what I was going to do after graduation. Sauraveshawar Sir guided me day in and day out to help me come to a conclusion about my plans for Masters. It has been a wonderful experience.

Sauraveswar Sen: Illuminating Paths to Social Development Careers ?

? Experience: With over 12 years of expertise, Sauraveswar Sen is a beacon in training students and professionals for impactful careers in the social development sector. His multifaceted roles include being the Founder-Mentor of Catalyst, a Visiting Faculty at prestigious institutions like TISS, University of Calcutta, and St. Xavier’s College Mumbai. He’s a Social Entrepreneurship Educator, Strengthens Social Science Teaching, Motivator, Moderator, Judge at Corporate Events and Debates, and a Quizmaster.

? Vision: In 2011, Sauraveswar founded Catalyst with a vision to revolutionize social science education in India. His goal was to empower careers in the Humanities-driven development sector, putting them on par with Science and Commerce prospects. His journey took a turn when, at the young age of 23, he transitioned from a Design Engineer to his true passion—teaching and training.

? Education Catalyst: Since 2018, Sauraveswar has been empanelled as faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), where he moulds the skills of master’s program students, preparing them for their campus placements. In 2023, Catalyst played a pivotal role in the decennial celebration of the social enterprise development cell at TISS Mumbai.

? Mentoring Impact: Sauraveswar’s mentorship extends to institutions like St. Xavier’s College Mumbai, Jadavpur University, Presidency University, and many more. He’s also a mentor for the State Government of Chhattisgarh, nurturing Social Entrepreneurship. He is an active member of SEE – Society of Entrepreneurship Educators and TISS Incube Foundation.

Social Science Teachers across Rourkela, Bengaluru, Muzaffarpur, Nalanda, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, Kolkata are being supported by Catalyst to connect their curriculum with Social Sector Careers.

?‍? Career Catalyst: Catalyst has empowered countless social science aspirants across India, helping them craft careers as human service professionals. These individuals now work with global entities like the UN, UNICEF, WHO, CSR verticals, think tanks, grassroots organizations, and social enterprises. They’ve excelled in entrance tests, interviews, and job placements at esteemed social science institutions worldwide and many have taken to entrepreneurship championing social value creation.

? Fieldwork Integration: Catalyst pioneers active fieldwork, offering aspirants real-time experience through collaborations with organizations like Microsoft, Earth Day Network, CRY, and many more. It’s an immersive learning journey.

? Contributions & Recognition: Sauraveswar’s insights grace the pages of prominent publications like ‘Anandabazar Patrika’, ‘The Telegraph’, ‘The Hindu’, ‘Times of India’, ‘Femina’, and he’s appeared on platforms like ‘Aaj Tak’, ‘NewsX’, ‘CNN-IBN’, ‘TheQuint’, and TT Edugraph. Catalyst has been featured on the global stage for International Women’s Day multiple times, celebrating “Women creating impact by pursuing careers in social development.”

Sauraveswar Sen and Catalyst are igniting the way for countless individuals to become changemakers in the social development sphere. ?

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