June 26, 2016

MA/MSc/MSW Entrance Training

India is the largest growing economy in the world. As per the World Bank, our country’s present GDP of Rs 1.5 Trillion is ranked #3 in the world after US & China. However, her per capita income is ranked at a mere 120 out of 164 developing nations. The prime reason is that  30 crores of India’s 120 crores human population live below the poverty line. In order to bridge the wide gap between the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor, “inclusive growth, sustainable solutions” has become the focal theme of the Government, NGOs & Corporates.

We at Catalyst, since our inception in 2011, have discerned that the maximum requirement of human resources across the diverse employment and research sectors of India will that be of specialists in the domain of social sciences like Development Studies, Human Resource Management, Social Work, Communications, Linguistics, Education, Public Administration, Climate Change, Sustainability Studies, Health et al. Likewise, we have focused on developing social science aptitude in students from faculties of Humanities, Commerce & Science to equip them with skills necessary to step up to careers that will effectively contribute to the creation of developed, ecologically sustainable & just society.

The MASS (Masters in Social Sciences) Programme at Catalyst prepares you for the different stages of admission entrances of TISS, Nirmala Niketan, IRMA, TERI, JNU, Azim Premji University, HCU, Delhi School of Social Work, Christ University, LSE, Oxford, Leeds, Sciences Po and of other leading varsities in the field. We believe at being your mentor, guide & motivator at each stage of your preparation to help you fulfil your aspiration





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