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Project ‘Raksha’ is an initiative by the present and past students of Catalyst to prevent people from contracting the Covid-19 virus and to alleviate them from mental distress (Mann), build aspirational awareness towards Covid-appropriate behaviour (Tann) and design systems to help them sustain their lives and livelihoods (Jeevika). The objective of the project is to create an immediate response system that will lower the burden on our presently overwhelmed public health infrastructure and to innovate a sustainable scalable and replicable model.

Catalyst has partnered with organisations focused in strengthening health responses, expanding social protection, and helping to rebuild lives and livelihoods.

Collaborate with our Partners

The Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (CCHRC) led by Padma Shri Oncologist Dr. Ravi Kannan with the sole objective to combat the growing occurrence of ‘cancer’ and not letting the socio-economic condition of patients get in the way of medical aid.

Cancer Care in the time of Covid-19 :
Padmashri Oncologist Dr. R Ravi Kannan

Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society (KMSWS) is a small non-governmental, not-for-profit registered voluntary organization established in the year 1999. The aim of the society is for the development and uplift of the poor of the poorest community members living in rural areas of Kankura Masat through a variety of development programs with the help and support of our amiable contributors and associate members.

Abhyuday Foundation assists in improving access to Healthcare, Education, Integrated Rural Development with the desire to transform the world of humanitarianism in altruistic way.

Swapnopuran Welfare Society (SWS) was started by a group of like-minded people in 2012. The purpose was to improve the lives of poor and marginalized women and children through Child Education, Child Protection, Literacy Program, Women Employment, and Empowerment.

Launch of Project ‘Raksha’ :
Prevent – Protect – Empower :
Meeting our Social Impact Partners

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