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We are grateful to our Alumni

Priyanka Mundhra : Converted MA Development Studies, IIT Guwahati

Catalyst was immensely helpful in my preparation. From regular classes to capacity building sessions, everything was planned efficiently. Sauraveswar Sir has been very kind and always helpful, from doubt solving to support in making the right contacts for internships, Sir has always done his best. Thank you Catalyst!

Chandreyee Gupta : Converted MSW Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship, TISS Guwahati

It has been a great learning experience and journey with Catalyst Learning Services.I was aspiring to study Masters and I required preparations for the competitive examination. The structured academic planning helped me to prepare for the exam. The classes were informative and insightful, and my doubts would be cleared as well. I was given study materials and questionnaires on the concepts taught, that helped me to strengthen my analytical, quantitative and qualitative skills sets. Overall I had a learning experience studying in Catalyst. I was able to pass the competitive examination and the following rounds. I got admissions in the Masters Programme I sincerely thank Catalyst Learning Services for helping me in preparations and guiding me in the journey.

Sreya Banerjee : Converted Masters in Geoinformatics, Symbiosis

Catalyst has been a great experience for me. Sauraveswar sir is an incredible teacher. He teacher us each and every topic with ease and even repeats it for us. He has been available all the time over phone. Whenever I used to feel nervous for vivas or exams I used to call him up. All the topics that came in our exam was explained thoroughly by sir. It was really great journey with catalyst. I can’t even imagine that I could enrol myself in Symbiosis. I always used to dream but sir helped me in turning my dream into a reality..”

Srijana Ghosh : Converted Human Resource Development and Management, CHRIST University

Catalyst has literally been the path of direction in leading me into my area of actual interests and especially fully utilize my potentials. It provides a vast source of resources in terms of networking, all the the necessary updates in the social sector. Sauraveswar sir has been the most humble mentor, and has been supportive even beyond the course and been in touch continuously. Catalyst has been a great decision in my life for sure!

Shyamasree Jana : Converted Masters in Integrated Rural Development, BHU

I was keen to pursue my career in the field of social sector and Catalyst has been the perfect platform for me where I got guidance extensively by both Sauraveswar Sir and Team. They have a well articulated plan for the aspirants to balance between all the subjects required to focus on for the competitive examinations. Along with Mathematics, Reasoning and Vocabulary, we had a separate website where we could go through the entire General Knowledge and General Studies which will be useful for the exams. There are separate one – to – one sessions as well by Sauraveswar sir himself along with doubt clearing classes. We also attended various seminars and workshops on the prevailing social issues and on the solutions so as to curb it down. It has been a wonderful experience with Catalyst!

Debankur Talukdar : NTPC CSR; Converted MSW Community Organisation and Development Practice, TISS

I was told about this institute by two of my friends. Initially I was a bit confused about joining Catalyst because at that point in time I had to take some serious decisions about my career. Somehow I decided to go and meet the mentor, Sauraveswar Sen sir, and honestly the first meet was enough to make a confident choice to join Catalyst. Since I come from a science background entering into the social science sector was a bumpy ride and Catalyst helped a lot at this juncture. Not only Catalyst provided me with standard materials for knowledge building and regular assessments to test my understanding but with the sincere guidance of Sen sir, I could actually see the gradual growth in my approaches, perspectives and body language. Any help pertaining to course work was happily provided by Catalyst even after class hours. However I personally think that group dynamics at Catalyst can be strengthened and peer learning and support can be improved. Hopefully Catalyst would positively invest necessary time and resources in these things in the future. Thank you for your patient reading and all the best for your future.

Meghna Nandy : Converted Media and Cultural Studies, TISS Mumbai

Thank you Catalyst Learning Services for catapulting my social-science higher education journey. Sauraveswar Sir has been a constant source of support and encouragement to all of us since we became his students. I would highly recommend Catalyst to anyone who is trying to break into an education/career in the social sciences.

Mayank Raj : Converted Public Policy at TERI, ISPP

Catalyst is one of the best support system if you are planning your career in social sector and Public Policy.
Finding a mentor like Sauraveswar sir is rare in today’s fast pace world. Most importantly he listens to your problem patiently.
I joined Catalyst in March 2023. Before this I was preparing for MBA. In less than 3 months, Catalyst helped me change my perspective, build my keen interest in public policy domain and secure admission in TERI University for Masters in Public Policy and Sustainable Development.
I am thankful and would strongly recommend Catalyst to youngsters interested in Social sector and public policy domain.

Shinjini Sengupta : Converted Masters in Women and Gender Studies, TISS Hyderabad

Catalyst have been an excellent experience for me. Saurveswar Sen sir is an excellent mentor as he believes in interaction between teacher and student. Sir is very supportive and always available for all the support and help required.

Arjun VV : Converted Masters in Hospital Administration, TISS Mumbai

I joined Catalyst in August 2022 to prepare for TISS NET, and I am happy to share that I have been selected for the MHA program. Sauraveswar Sir was instrumental in my success. The Catalyst portal proved to be an invaluable resource, allowing me to review online sessions and study at my own pace. The detailed course information on the portal further enriched my understanding. Overall, my experience at Catalyst was excellent, and I highly recommend it to other aspirants.

Samriddhi Deshmukh : Converted MA Development Studies, IIT Guwahati

Catalyst has actually been the path of direction in taking me into my genuine interests and, more importantly, completely utilising my potential.Sauraveswar sir has always been helpful, providing us with all of the resources we needed for the course and staying in touch with us on a regular basis. It has been a wonderful experience with Catalyst!

Tejas Khaire : Converted MSW Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship, TISS Mumbai

It was great experience at Catalyst. Sauraveswar sir has been personally involved in taking mock interviews, which was really helpful in getting the rich insights. I am pleased to tell that, I got selected in School of Social Work,TISS Mumbai.

Sumit Ghosh : Converted MA HRLMR, TISS Mumbai

Catalyst Learning Services is an institution that stands apart from other typical coaching institutions that only run after money. I took guidance for my TISS preparation and I was completely satisfied with what was delivered that too at an extremely affordable price point. Special shoutout to Saurveswar Sir as it was only due to his positivity and motivation that I was able to do my best in the interview round. Wish all the success for you sir.

Sambit Jana : Converted IIPH, Azim Premji University, OP Jindal

Sir is an excellent teacher.He has helped me to a great extent and has helped me crack interview for IIPH ,Jindal and APU.I have no more words to express.Sir’s sessions are not only interactive they open up a new dimension to social work his sessions with various NGOs and corporates helps one to connect and network.

Himani Goyal : Converted MPH – Health Policy Economics and Finance, TISS Mumbai

After TISSNET, I was clear on getting through the whole process, and that’s when Sauraveswar Sir reached out to me. This was my first competitive exam, so I didn’t have any prior experience with the interview/ writing SOP process. So when sir reached out to me, I was not sure at first but later realised that he’d be of great help as he has been doing this for 11 years now. I got in Catalyst, and he was there always whenever I needed help in connecting dots. If you are looking for someone to guide you at every step, I recommend joining Catalyst. Because of sir and guidance made it into and now can finally myself call a #tissian.

Indrani Barua : Converted Masters in Psychology, TISS Mumbai

Catalyst Learning Services helped me tremendously in preparing for not only TISS NET but also provided valuable information & knowledge about how to grow oneself professionally. Very happy with my experience at Catalyst ????.

Diya Majumdar : Converted MA Development, Azim Premji University

I found about Catalyst through a random Google search. At that very time I was not very sure about which career path I should choose that will be best for me. After connecting with Sauraveswar sir in catalyst. I could get a sense of what I should do next after my undergrad. As I joined catalyst during covid year, it really helped me a lot to get through a lot of entrance exams. The materials provided from catalyst helped me a lot in preparing better for the exams. Also, the guidance I received from sir was very useful not just for the exams but also for life ahead.

Aman Raj : Converted MA Labour Studies and Practice, TISS Mumbai

I had the privilege of being a student of the Sauraveswar Sir that prepares students for the College Entrance Exam for higher studies. I found Sir to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. They were instrumental in helping me understand the material and prepare for the exam. Sauraveswar Sir, also provided excellent feedback and guidance throughout the entire process. I am very grateful for the support I received from the coaching institute and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with the Entrance Exam in TISS.

With Love and Respect,

Poymanti Gupta : Converted Masters in Psychology, IIPR Bangalore

I had approached Catalyst to prepare for my social science entrance tests in various universities and institutions across India. I personally had a really great experience at Catalyst. I would define it as an appropriate mentoring service. The service wouldn’t end just by preparing the students for the written entrance, but it was also extended to the preparation of interviews and so on. Catalyst focuses on a holistic development of the individual. It emphasizes on bringing on board subject matter specialists and experts. Finally, the founder and chief mentor of Catalyst is extremely dedicated when it comes to the welfare of his students. Sauraveswar Sen Sir is one such person who always encourages his students to take initiatives and guides them forward. His communication skills are to the point and he would explain a topic n number of times patiently till the students are clear about it. Overall, my experience of being a part of Catalyst has been very pleasant and I am indeed honoured to be an alumnus of Catalyst.

Sohag Das : Converted MA Development, Azim Premji University

Sauraveswar sir really helped me with entrance trajectories. I cracked Azim Premji University solely due to catalyst drills. Apart from all the academic requirements, he has been a great mentor and kind listener which is rare these days. Thank you sir !

Paulomi Paul : Converted Teach For India Fellowship

“Catalyst provides support from the very begining of your journey in the social sector and that support will never stop coming your way. Sir is always there to guide and help all of us navigate our way”

Mitashree Dasgupta : KPMG India; Converted Masters in Social Work, TISS

Catalyst Learning Services and Sauraveswar Sir have literally helped me pave my career path. I am extremely thankful for all the help and guidance that I have received. The classroom and learning environment is extremely professional and the kind of learning materials and training provided had helped me a lot to improve and ficus better on my career goals. I would definitely suggest Catalyst Learning Services to all aspiring students to aid them in their studies and career development as well.

Subhangi Bhattacharjee : Converted MSW HRDM, CHRIST University, Bangalore

Catalyst learning services has been extremely helpful. Sauraveswar sir has always provided last minute advice and help which always proved to be very resourceful.

Anamitra Sinha : Converted Masters in Development Policy Planning and Practice, TISS Tuljapur

“Sitting for a major competitive Master’s entrance like TISSNET and the following OA round, especially this year, was extremely tough. Under Sauraveswar sir’s guidance and help of the Catalyst community I successfully converted to MA/MSc in DPPP, TISS, Tuljapur at the very first attempt. Can’t thank you all enough!”

Sudeshna Bandyopadhyay : Converted MA Development, Azim Premji University; Masters in Public Health – Social Epidemiology, TISS

When I first joined Catalyst, I had little to no idea of what I was going to do after graduation. Sauraveswar Sir guided me day in and day out to help me come to a conclusion about my plans for Masters. It has been a wonderful experience.

Ankit Singh : Converted Masters in Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability Studies, TISS

One of the best platform to learn and grow in such an amazing atmosphere. I thank the mentor as well as founder Sauraveswar Sen Sir for putting his effort and creating a holistic purview in every students mind who has been with catalyst as he has served the purpose and keeps on doing the same after we have finished our courses as well.

Shipra Gupta : Converted Masters in Social Work, TISS Mumbai

“I got to know about Catalyst via What’s app group. Before joining, they will take an orientation where they will try to understand your requirement and help you to see how can they help you. Going forward it was a smooth journey. They were there on every step and always a call away.”

Trisha Bhattacharya : Converted MA Women Studies, TISS Hyderabad

Catalyst helped me orient myself for the TISS-NET and gave me the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skill I needed to tackle this exam. I had a wonderful experience at Catalyst, and for anyone wanting to pursue higher studies at TISS I would definitely recommend Catalyst as a place that will help them begin their journey.

Avantika Gupta : Media Sector Professional

Sauraveswar Sir is extremely helpful. 6 stars for the mentor he is!

Upamanyu Dutta : Converted Bachelors in Sustainability, XIM University

“It was a lovely experience to be a part of this institution. The most fun part about my time here was during the research study where I interacted with some very intelligent seniors to create an impactful research design. I came to know about the various topics that competitive exams put in front of students and how to learn and tackle the problems related with them.”

Bonhisikha Ukil : Converted Masters at Azim Premji University, Bangalore

Catalyst helped me understand my potential in depth, guided me to the right institution who could help me reach my goals and continues to help and guide me when asked or needed. Catalyst also provided the ground reality of social sciences, it’s diverse arena of work as well as available opportunities if one wishes to pursue it. Catalyst can be a guide during and beyond one’s time at the centre with only one’s wish being the factor.

Madhurima Roy : Converted MA Development, Azim Premji University

It is a great learning space. It has given me the opportunity to push myself further to the edge at which I never thought I could have ever reach. Thorough learning and exercising has helped me overcome my many fears. Words would fall short to express the gratitude and gratefulness to this place.

Shabnam Zaman : Converted Criminology and Justice, TISS Mumbai

” Sauraveswar Sir is incredibly hands on and helpful, always grateful to Catalyst for facilitating my journey to TISS.”

Prantik Mitra : Climate Action Professional; Converted Masters in Climate Science and Policy, TERI University

Catalyst helped me prepare for academic options beyond a conventional master’s degree. It helped me develop an aptitude for competitive exams and interpersonal skills. It also helped me land an internship with Microsoft.

Rupsa Karmakar : Mental Healthcare Professional, Psychology Faculty Converted Masters in Psychology, TISS

Catalyst learning services have helped me develop as a person. Not only that our mentor is an approachable, understanding and helpful person. I am very satisfied and i gained a lot of experience from catalyst.

Swati Maiti : Converted MA Development, Azim Premji University

” Catalyst learning Centre helped me in various ways. Not only did it helped me academically but their unique curriculum helped me come out of my shell and realise my strengths and passion as well as working on my weaknesses. :’)”

Aparajita Chatterjee : Converted Masters in Education, Azim Premji University

It was an amazing experience to get introduced into the world of social sciences by Catalyst.The journey was both informative and interesting. I am extremely grateful for this experience, that led to a successful ending.

Arunima Malik : Budding filmmaker

The director, Sauraveswar sir is too helpful and teaches with patience. You will get a lot of opportunities while learning. Highly recommended.”

Srishti Sharma : Converted Masters in Clinical Social Work, CHRIST University

” Catalyst helped me in gaining a lot of perspectives about the social sector. The online classes were very meaningful and quality oriented.”

Bipin Nikam : Training for Placements- Masters of Hospital Administration, TISS

It was very enriching and helpful experience associating with catalyst as the name goes it was catalyst in true sense in guiding and giving real industry insights and CV building, ultimately helped me in securing good placement !!! Thank you!!

Shaivi Srivastava : Converted Masters in Psychology, TISS

Used the services for interview preparation and it was really helpful! it helped me get into the mindset and prepare for the interview environment, and helped address important loopholes in my personal prep”

Rajeshree Sengupta : Converted MA Development, Azim Premji University

” I have had my best time here…I learnt and unlearned a lot of concepts and perspectives..Always supportive mentors I have got by my side.”

Soumili Chatterjee : Converted MA Development, Azim Premji University

Catalyst learning services changed my life a lot I got lot of exposure and awareness about social activities…our instructor Sauraveswar Sen was always helpful and his guidance was remarkable ,it’s only because of Sauraveswar sir and catalyst learning services that I am studying masters in development today and enjoying my learning experience …. I am really grateful towards catalyst and our mentor

Lavanya Kumari : Converted MA Development Studies, TISS Hyderabad

Catalyst provided me with all the resources for my master’s interview. Webinars conducted by the sir helped me immensely.”

Debolina Das : Converted Masters in Climate Science and Policy, TERI University

” It was a very enriching journey. Sauraveswar Sir was very helpful throughout the journey in every step.”

Kanishk Gomes : Converted MA Development Studies, TISS Mumbai

Truly truly grateful to Sauraveswar Sir without whose help I would have found it extremely hard to crack the TISS Interview. Thank you Sir!

Prerona Ghosh : Converted Masters in Travel in Tourism, Amity University

Once a week classes taken. Sessions r conducted from time to time by experts n even ex-students come to interact to train the present batch, faculty is great n resources are plenty to go through.”

Souma Sekhar Gangopadhyay : Converted Masters in Public Policy, TISS Hyderabad

” Excellent online support for TISS. Concise and comprehensive monthly GK modules.”

Deblina Chakraborty : Converted PGP Public Relations and Corporate Communication, XIC Mumbai

Their online study material is brilliantly crafted!!

Soumyaparna Samanta : Converted Masters in Public Policy and Governance, TISS Hyderabad

It gave me just the right guidance and help with preparation to chose my own passion interest as my career..”

Snehasree Neogy : Converted Masters in Psychology, University of Calcutta

” You’ll get the best training here to prepare for the Institute of your choice. The classes and mocks are very helpful.”

Subham Basask : DPhil Development, University of Oxford, UK. Converted MSW Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship, TISS

Loved the experience. Helped me greatly with many finer details for interview preparation.

Jayanta Chandra, Father of Jaita Chandra : Converted Masters in Geoinformatics, Symbiosis Pune

Indeed one of the best institute to help in moulding a person’s career.”

Shivangi Jaiswal : Converted Masters in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science

” It was a great learning experience.”