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Out of the Shadows

A Shadow Theatre Project for the Youth of Kolkata


RAHI Foundation, established in 1996, is a pioneering organization focused on women survivors of Incest and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). RAHI’s work includes support and recovery through the distinctive RAHI Model of Healing; awareness and education about Incest/ CSA; training and intervention; and research and capacity building – all established within the larger issue of social change. Professionally informed and with deep experience, RAHI is a feminist group that has created a supportive environment for survivors. It goes beyond ‘breaking the silence’ and has developed a powerful voice that strives to mainstream the discussion about Incest/ CSA in India and include it in social dialogue.

We at Catalyst in collaboration with Paramita Saha of Artsforward are bringing the voice of Rahi to the youth of Kolkata though the project ‘Out of the Shadows’ that promises to use the ancient method of shadow theatre under the mentorship of Kolkata-based theatre group Jhalapala. Using shadow as the metaphor for this challenging subject the play would involve youth from 15-20 colleges of Kolkata to come together for this project. The play would emerge out of workshops with the youth groups by Rahi and Jhalapala over period of 3 weeks in August and then be performed across 15-20 select college campuses in Kolkata in Aug-Sep.

We are looking for actors, musicians, designers, wordsmiths, DIY champs, thinkers and coordinators.

Call 9088953432/9051454897 for enquiries. Register for an audition through the form below

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