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Career Pathways in Disaster Management

Catalyst invites you to talk to the faculty from the Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies, TISS to understand Career Pathways in Disaster Management

April 25 @ 7:30 pm 8:30 pm

Speakers : 

Mr. Mahesh Kamble has been working as Assistant Professor in the Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai Since 2006.

He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from D G Ruparel College, University of Mumbai and Master’s Degree in social work with specialisation in Urban and Rural Community Development from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in 1995. Currently he is pursuing his PhD from Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Since student’s years he has been actively working in the voluntary sector with Students’ organisations and grass root level voluntary organisations. As a professional, he worked on various assignments of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, rehabilitation of Project Affected People, Disaster Management, Rural Development and livelihood generation initiative, building youth organisations, training and capacity development, building networks, research and documentation and policy advocacy. He was the coordinator of Rural Development Programme of SIDDHI in Guhagar block of Ratnagiri District. He was one of the consultants in drafting the Disaster Management Action Plan for the state of Maharashtra in 1997. As coordinator of the youth programme in YUVA, he anchored the Anubhav Shiksha programme for Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. He worked as the Director of Samathan, NGO working for state level budget analysis and policy advocacy.

As part of studies and profession, he intervened in various disaster situations at different levels, like Earthquakes in Latur and Gujarat, Floods in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, landslides and floods in Uttarakhand, Cyclone in Odisha, Malin landslide, Droughts and floods in Maharashtra and so on. He was a member of State Disaster Management Authority in 2015-16 and from 2018-23.  While working on starvation in Maharashtra, his research on ‘Implementation on food security schemes in Maharashtra’ was widely recognized and he was appointed as Assistant Advisor, Maharashtra for the Supreme Court Commissioner on Food Security. As part of this responsibility, he conducted a study of shelter for the homeless in Maharashtra which was part of the Supreme court’s commissioner’s documentation on the issue. He  was involved in various initiatives for homelessness including research, public hearings, panel discussions, conferences, collaborations and documentary film. He is a member of the State Level Monitoring Committee appointed by the Supreme Court of India to monitor functioning of Shetlers for Urban Homeless in Maharashtra.

Mahesh Kamble is a Co-PI in the M ward project of Maharashtra that focuses on improving the HDI ranking of the most vulnerable M ward of Mumbai. He was involved in the detailed study of informal housing and the impact of Covid-19 in M ward through the Community Level Action Learning and Partnership (CLAP) project. He actively participates in all the project initiatives including a study on landslides in Mumbai, Budget studies, Greening etc. He played a key role in running community kitchens during Covid-19 and lockdown whereby more than two lakh meals and supplementary nutrition for children was distributed for about three months. 

Apart from regular work of teaching, research and guidance, he actively engages in field practices for disaster management, food security, Dalit issues, livelihood and governance and policy advocacy.

Ms. Lavanya Shanbhogue Arvind is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Disasters and Development, Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies. Her research & teaching Interests lie in the areas of Gender & Development, Gender & Climate Change, Gendering Sustainability & Disaster Studies, Gendering Social Exclusion, Cultural Studies, Risk Management, Risk Management, Mitigation & Assessment

She has completed her M.B.A in Finance and has 7+ years of corporate experience in the field of risk management and business continuity. She transitioned to the Social Sciences and has an M.A & M.Phil in Women Studies from the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, TISS, Mumbai. She was awarded the “Best Student” award and Institute Gold Medal for academic performance by the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, TISS, Mumbai.

Her PhD in the area of Gender & Water Rights has been submitted (Viva awaited)

She is also a published novelist and a writer whose work has been published in both Indian and International Presses

Dr. Vineet Kumar works as an Assistant Professor at Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, India. Prior to that, he worked as a Geospatial data expert at the Geospatial Unit, Land and Water Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN), Rome, Italy. During his tenure at FAO, he supported the ongoing geospatial activities in Sudan, Yemen, and greening the humanitarian response project in four African countries. He also served as a consultant at PixxelSpace India for a brief period of 3 months (April-June) 2023. During his post-doctoral tenure (2019-2022) at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, he led an ESA-sponsored Agricultural SandboxNL project of generating crop parcel-level FAIR geospatial databases using Sentinel SAR satellite data over the Netherlands. The database has been used for monitoring 2018 European drought, marking field-level farming activities and simulating the radar backscatter in the crop growth model.

He holds a master’s degree in Remote sensing and GIS from the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ISRO, Dehradun, India and a Ph.D. in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) remote sensing from IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India. His doctoral research was focused on using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite datasets for state-of-the-art algorithm development for LULC mapping, spatio-temporal analysis, crop phenology and bio-geophysical parameter monitoring and retrieval.

He has planned and participated in many in-situ geospatial and bio-physical data collection field campaigns synchronously with satellite imagery acquisitions in India and abroad. He was a part of Soil Moisture Active Passive Validation Experiment (SMAPVEX-MB) Manitoba, Canada field campaign jointly conducted by Agriculture Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), NASA, USDA, and various Canadian universities in June and July 2016.

He has served as a reviewer to high-impact remote sensing Journals such as IEEE TGRS, JSTARS, GRSL, Remote Sensing of Environment, GIScience and Remote Sensing, etc. He co-chaired sessions in the IGARSS-2021 and PolINSAR-2017 conferences. Dr. Kumar received the Shastri Research Student Fellowship in 2016 to work as a visiting researcher at Carleton University and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Canada.

Sauraveswar Sen: Illuminating Paths to Social Development Careers  

Experience: With over 14 years of expertise, Sauraveswar Sen is a beacon in training students and professionals for impactful careers in the social development sector. His multifaceted roles include being the Founder-Mentor of Catalyst, a Visiting Faculty at prestigious institutions like TISS, University of Calcutta, and St. Xavier’s College Mumbai. He’s a Social Entrepreneurship Educator, Strengthens Social Science Teaching, Motivator, Moderator, Judge at Corporate Events and Debates, and a Quizmaster.

Alumni Testimonials :

Vision: In 2011, Sauraveswar founded Catalyst with a vision to revolutionize social science education in India. His goal was to empower careers in the Humanities-driven development sector, putting them on par with Science and Commerce prospects. His journey took a turn when, at the young age of 23, he transitioned from a Design Engineer to his true passion—teaching and training.

Education Catalyst: Since 2018, Sauraveswar has been empanelled as faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), where he moulds the skills of master’s program students, preparing them for their campus placements. In 2023, Catalyst played a pivotal role in the decennial celebration of the social enterprise development cell at TISS Mumbai.

Mentoring Impact: Sauraveswar’s mentorship extends to institutions like St. Xavier’s College Mumbai, Jadavpur University, Presidency University, and many more. He’s also a mentor for the State Government of Chhattisgarh, nurturing Social Entrepreneurship. He is an active member of SEE – Society of Entrepreneurship Educators and TISS Incube Foundation.

Social Science Teachers across Rourkela, Bengaluru, Muzaffarpur, Nalanda, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, Kolkata are being supported by Catalyst to connect their curriculum with Social Sector Careers.

Career Catalyst: Catalyst has empowered countless social science aspirants across India, helping them craft careers as human service professionals. These individuals now work with global entities like the UN, UNICEF, WHO, CSR verticals, think tanks, grassroots organizations, and social enterprises. They’ve excelled in entrance tests, interviews, and job placements at esteemed social science institutions worldwide and many have taken to entrepreneurship championing social value creation.

Fieldwork Integration: Catalyst pioneers active fieldwork, offering aspirants real-time experience through collaborations with organizations like Microsoft, Earth Day Network, CRY, and many more. It’s an immersive learning journey.

Contributions & Recognition: Sauraveswar’s insights grace the pages of prominent publications like ‘Anandabazar Patrika’, ‘The Telegraph’, ‘The Hindu’, ‘Times of India’, ‘Femina’, and he’s appeared on platforms like ‘Aaj Tak’, ‘NewsX’, ‘CNN-IBN’, ‘TheQuint’, and TT Edugraph. Catalyst has been featured on the global stage for International Women’s Day multiple times, celebrating “Women creating impact by pursuing careers in social development.”

Sauraveswar Sen and Catalyst are igniting the way for countless individuals to become changemakers in the social development sphere. ????

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