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“Solving math was made more fun than I could ever imagine!” – English Literature graduate Auhona

“When it came to entrance exams, I was the most nervous about the Mathematics section. But Catalyst helped me overcome that by simplifying and compressing lofty chapters down to manageable assignments and mock tests. Sauraveswar Sir targetted each chapter by focusing on basic, but detailed understanding. So solving problems felt more like solving logical reasoning questions than typically having to mug up formulas without in-depth understanding. Solving math was made more fun than I could ever imagine it could be!”

Catalyst Fieldwork : Auhona documenting a store launch

“My mother often, very confidently, exclaimed that I was born to be a journalist. As a child, during our family vacations to different parts of the country, I would go around with a handycam filming every possible activity, often interviewing the local people like the reporters I saw on television.”

Auhona Roy Chowdhury, B.A. English Honours, Loreto College Kolkata aced the entrance test and interview of M.A. Mass Communication at Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune.

Like Auhona, since 2011, students and working professionals have been able to successfully craft a career with Bachelors and Masters programmes offered by TISS, Azim Premji University, TERI, XIM, IIT, Nirmala Niketan, NLSIU, Sciences Po, London School of Economics and Political Science, Symbiosis, IIMC, ACJ, XIC, JNU, Ambedkar University et al with capacity building training for development sector at Catalyst.