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CUET PG 2024 : Paper-code wise candidate break-up

The National Testing Agency has been mandated by the Ministry of Education and UGC to
conduct a Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for admission into all Postgraduate
Programmes in all Central Universities, other participating Universities / Institutions /
Organizations / Autonomous Colleges since 2022.

The CUET (PG) was introduced in the country for the first time in 2022. The CUET (PG)
provides a single window opportunity to students seeking admission in any of the Central
Universities (CUs) or other participating organizations (including State Universities,
Deemed and Private Universities) across the Country.

The NTA conducted the CUET (PG) – on 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27,
and 28 March 2024 completely in CBT mode in 572 different centres located in 262 cities
including 09 cities outside India i.e. Manama, Dubai, Kathmandu, Muscat, Riyadh, Ottawa,
Abu Dhabi, Vienna, and Qatar.

For the Academic Session 2024-25, the Common University Entrance Test (PG) – 2024 [CUET
(PG) – 2024] was conducted for about 4,62,603 unique registered candidates and
administered 7,68,414 tests. A total of 190 Universities (Central/State/Private and others) are
participating in CUET (PG) – 2024. Details for the same are given below:

i. Central Universities – 38
ii. State Government Universities – 38
iii. Government Institutions – 09
iv. Others (Private and Deemed Universities) – 105

The CUET (PG) – 2024 provided access and flexibility in the following ways:
▪ The candidates applied for various courses which were tested under 157 Question
Paper Codes
▪ The total number of Question Papers was 240 in different mediums and the number
of Questions was 18000. These were used over 15 days and 44 Shifts.
▪ CUET (PG) – 2024 was conducted in bilingual (English and Hindi) Humanities,
Sciences, and Common Papers (76). The language papers were conducted in the
concerned language, M.Tech subjects in English only (13), Acharya papers (27) in
Sanskrit, and a few subjects were held in trilingual (English, Hindi, and Sanskrit).
▪ Grievances of individual students based on their experience in CUET (PG) – 20234
have also been considered.

▪ For the preparation of Question papers, about 950 subject Experts and 200
translators were involved in the massive exercise of preparing the Question Papers
for CUET (PG) – 2024.

The Role of NTA is confined to the Registration of candidates, conduct of the test, hosting of
answer keys, inviting challenges, finalizing answer keys, preparing and declaring results, and
hosting Score Card. A merit list will be prepared by participating Universities/organizations.
Universities will decide about their individual counselling based on the Scorecard of CUET
(PG) – 2024 provided by NTA.

Highlights of CUET (PG) – 2024:

Parameters CUET (PG) – 2024

Number of registered candidates (unique) 462603
Number of tests administered 768414
Male Candidates 353044
Female Candidates 415350
Third gender Candidates 20
General Candidates 289039
SC Candidates 84661
ST Candidates 55974
OBC Candidates 269830
EWS Candidates 68910
Number of Cities where the exam was conducted 262
Number of universities 190

The Examination was monitored in the following ways:-

  • A Central Control Room was opened to monitor and facilitate the smooth conduct of the
    Examination on the ground. 02 National Coordinators, 18 Regional Coordinators, 303 City
    Coordinators, 650 Observers, and 150 Deputy Observers were deployed.
  • Live CCTV Surveillance was planned in all examination centres to curb malpractices in the
    examination. The NTA also made arrangements for live viewing of remote locations of all
    examination centres from the Control Room located in the NTA premises of New Delhi.
    Recording of CCTV Systems was also done.
  • The examination centres were also monitored using AI-based Video Analytics and Virtual
  • In order to stop cheating using mobile networks, Jammers were installed in all the Centres to
    prevent unfair practices by the candidates during the examination through mobile or any other
    electronic device. The latest 5G Jammers were installed at all examination Centres for the
    first time.


Format : <Paper Code> <Test Paper> <Registered candidates> <Appeared candidates>

ACQP01 Shiksha Shastri B.Ed. 5910  5378
ACQP02 Shiksha Acharya M.Ed. 313 214
ACQP03 Agama 29 11
ACQP04 Baudha Darshan / Buddhist Studies 577 350
ACQP05 Dharma Shastra 121 90
ACQP06 Dharma Vijnan 19 12
ACQP07 Dharmashastra (BHU) 97 64
ACQP08 Hindu Studies 679 353
ACQP09 Indian Knowledge System 358 147
ACQP10 Jain Darshan (BHU) 23 13
ACQP11 Jyotish – Falit (BHU) 143 85
ACQP12 Jyotish – Ganit (BHU) 58 37
ACQP13 Krishna Yajurveda (BHU) 7 3
ACQP14 Nyaya Vaisheshika 33 20
ACQP15 Phalita and Siddantha Jyotisha 104 73
ACQP16 Puranetihas 50 38
ACQP17 Rigveda 31 16
ACQP18 Sahitya (BHU) 247 158
ACQP19 Sahitya (Alankara and
Kavya Varga) 857 661
ACQP20 Samveda 13 4
ACQP21 Shukla Yajurveda (BHU) 58 43
ACQP22 Veda etc. 123 76
ACQP23 Vedanta (BHU) 36 24
ACQP24 Vedanta 186 120
ACQP25 Vyakaran (BHU) 129 86
ACQP26 Vyakarana & Sabdabodha Systems 373 244
COQP01 Agri-Business Management etc. 5561 3575
COQP02 Applied Geography 1781 1270
COQP03 B.Ed. 22673 16597
COQP04 B.Ed. Humanities and Social Sciences 11622 8779
COQP05 B.Ed. Languages 7249 5197
COQP06 B.Ed. Science 6389 3982
COQP07 B.Ed. Mathematics 3142 2001
COQP08 Commerce 19216 13447.                                                                                                          COQP09 Disaster Studies 1445 906
COQP10 Economics 23947 18379
COQP11 General (LLB, etc.) 66696 48251
COQP12 General (MBA, etc.) 97880 74116
COQP13 Library & Information Science 1722 1177                                                                                          COQP14 L.L.M. 13478 10881
COQP15 M.Ed. 3607 2533
COQP16 MA Education 4257 2681
COQP17 Mass Communication and Journalism 12671 9131
COQP18 Physical Education 4355 3207
COQP19 Public Health 2965 1898
COQP20 Sports – Physiology 528 276
COQP21 Yoga 1033 586
COQP22 Healthcare & Hospital Management 2550 1482
HUQP01 Ancient Indian History 3066 2034
HUQP02 Anthropology 1486 902
HUQP03 Applied Arts 477 349
HUQP04 Art and Aesthetics 1024 560
HUQP05 Dance 357 201
HUQP06 Development and Labour Studies 2249 1335
HUQP07 Fine Arts 1454 1105
HUQP08 Geography 12714 9817
HUQP09 History 23885 18422
HUQP10 History of Art 838 484
HUQP11 Home Science-Food & Nutrition 2610 1951
HUQP12 MusicKarnatak/Carnatic 46 23
HUQP13 Museology 202 125
HUQP14 Music – Hindustani 715 568
HUQP15 Painting 866 717
HUQP16 Philosophy 3023 1971
HUQP17 Plastic Arts 105 84
HUQP18 Political Science 41599 30242
HUQP19 Pottery & Ceramics 94 62
HUQP20 Psychology 17952 14783
HUQP21 Social Work 8420 5660
HUQP22 Sociology 11917 8237
HUQP23 Textile Design 195 147
HUQP24 Theatre 397 214
HUQP25 Music- Percussion 132 99
HUQP26 Rabindra Sangit 19 09
LAQP01 English 33339 22756
LAQP02 Hindi 11645 8091
LAQP03 Sanskrit 2546 2112
LAQP04 Linguistics 1528 929
LAQP05 Arabic 662 541                                                                                                                          LAQP06 Assamese 192 132
LAQP07 Bengali 479 290
LAQP08 Bhutia 09 09                                                                                                                            LAQP09 Chinese 101 73
LAQP10 French 591 450
LAQP11 Garo 321 254
LAQP12 German 282 184
LAQP13 Gujarati 71 51
LAQP14 Spanish 215 168
LAQP15 Japanese 182 118
LAQP16 Kannada 93 52
LAQP17 Kashmiri 07 04
LAQP18 Khasi 450 368
LAQP19 Kokborok 762 532
LAQP20 Korean 180 106
LAQP21 Lepcha 32 30
LAQP22 Limbu 24 24
LAQP23 Malayalam 240 95
LAQP24 Manipuri 580 509
LAQP25 Marathi 39 15
LAQP26 Nepali 117 95
LAQP27 Odia 484 232
LAQP28 Pali 42 30
LAQP29 Pashto 11 7
LAQP30 Persian 101 67
LAQP31 Prakrit 05 02
LAQP32 Prayojanmoolak Hindi (Patrakarita) 117 58
LAQP33 Punjabi 125 99
LAQP34 Russian 96 71
LAQP35 Tamil 315 168
LAQP36 Telugu 829 593
LAQP37 Urdu 785 578
LAQP38 Urdu Journalism 87 59
LAQP39 Indo-Tibetan 06 03
LAQP40 Santali 14 10
LAQP41 Italian 24 17
MTQP01 Chemical Thermal & Polymer Engineering 134 60
MTQP02 Civil Engineering etc. 845 543
MTQP03 Dairy Technology 448 298
MTQP04 Data Science 7556 3843
MTQP05 Electronics 1468 892
MTQP06 Food Engineering and Technology 1135 785
MTQP07 Mechanical Engineering 426 229
MTQP08 Nano Science/Nano Technology 334 158
MTQP09 Nanoelectronics/Material Sciences 286 151
MTQP10 Electrical Engg 588 368
MTQP11 Water Engineering and Management 339 223.                                                                      MTQP12 Textile Engineering 43 21
SCQP01 Agricultural Science 12494 10986
SCQP02 Agro-forestry 859 601
SCQP03 Microbiology/Applied Microbiology 11045 9372
SCQP04 Architecture and Planning 136 62
SCQP05 Biochemistry 5094 3783
SCQP06 Bioinformatics 1649 1079
SCQP07 Botany 10867 8782
SCQP08 Chemistry 18870 15966
SCQP09 Computer Science 38891 32963
SCQP10 Criminology 1542 899
SCQP11 Environmental Sciences/Studies 9474 6434
SCQP12 Food Science and Technology 4978 3998
SCQP13 Forensic Science. 4871 3425
SCQP14 Geology 3177 2756
SCQP15 Geophysics 1417 779
SCQP16 Horticulture 6628 5591
SCQP17 Life Science 29356 24268
SCQP18 Material Science 208 85
SCQP19 Mathematics 18801 14662
SCQP20 Medical Laboratory Technology 837 569
SCQP21 MPT/Master in Respiratory Theory (MRT) 852 684
SCQP22 Nanoscience/Integrative Biosciences 279 139
SCQP23 Pharmacy 7313 6376
SCQP24 Physics 16159 13325
SCQP25 Plant Biotechnology 3067 2318
SCQP26 Soil Science – Soil & Water Conservation 1544 1061
SCQP27 Statistics 6493 4648
SCQP28 Zoology 18110 14965
SCQP29 Atmospheric Science 472 264
SCQP30 Animal Science (Poultry) 418 234
Grand Total 768414 577400

In order to make the system transparent, the Candidates will be given an opportunity to see their
responses to the Question Papers and to challenge the Answer Keys. Challenges received online will
be placed before the concerned Subject Experts for verification. The result will prepared based on the
Final Answer Keys and the same will be declared on the website

Shinjini SenguptaShinjini Sengupta
15:30 10 Jun 23
Catalyst have been an excellent experience for me. Saurveswear Sen sir is an excellent mentor as he believes in interaction between teacher and student. Sir is very supportive and always available for all the support and help required.
Shyamasree JanaShyamasree Jana
07:28 14 May 23
I joined Catalyst in the month of November, 2021. I was keen to pursue my career in the field of social sector and Catalyst has been the perfect platform for me where I got guidance extensively by both Sauraveshwar Sir and Team. They have a well articulated plan for the aspirants to balance between all the subjects required to focus on for the competitive examinations. Along with Mathematics, Reasoning and Vocabulary, we had a separate website where we could go through the entire General Knowledge and General Studies which will be useful for the exams. There are separate one - to - one sessions as well by Sauraveshwar sir himself along with doubt clearing classes. We also attended various seminars and workshops on the prevailing social issues and on the solutions so as to curb it down. It has been a wonderful experience with Catalyst!
srijana ghoshsrijana ghosh
14:39 13 May 23
Catalyst has literally been the path of direction in leading me into my area of actual interests and especially fully utilize my potentials. It provides a vast source of resources in terms of networking, all the the necessary updates in the social sector. Saureshwar sir has been the most humble mentor, and has been supportive even beyond the course and been in touch continuously. Catalyst has been a great decision in my life for sure!
Sreya BanerjeeSreya Banerjee
11:18 10 May 23
Catalyst has been a great experience for me. Sauraveswar sir is an incredible teacher. He teacher us each and every topic with ease and even repeats it for us. He has been available all the time over phone. Whenever I used to feel nervous for vivas or exams I used to call him up. All the topics that came in our exam was explained thoroughly by sir. It was really great journey with catalyst. I can't even imagine that I could enroll myself in Symbiosis. I always used to dream but sir helped me in turning my dream into a reality.
Chandreyee GuptaChandreyee Gupta
14:48 22 Jan 23
It has been a great learning experience and journey with Catalyst Learning Services. I had enrolled in Catalyst in the year 2014. I was aspiring to study Masters and I required preparations for the competitive examination. The structured academic planning helped me to prepare for the exam. The classes were informative and insightful, and my doubts would be cleared as well. I was given study materials and questionnaires on the concepts taught, that helped me to strengthen my analytical, quantitative and qualitative skills sets. Overall I had a learning experience studying in Catalyst. I was able to pass the competitive examination and the following rounds. I got admissions in the Masters Programme in 2015. I sincerely thank Catalyst Learning Services for helping me in preparations and guiding me in the journey.
Shipra GuptaShipra Gupta
07:25 19 Aug 22
I got to know about Catalyst via What's app group. Before joining, they will take an orientation where they will try to understand your requirement and help you to see how can they help you. Going forward it was a smooth journey. They were there on every step and always a call away.
Madhurima RoyMadhurima Roy
11:17 09 Aug 22
It is a great learning space. It has given me the opportunity to push myself further to the edge at which I never thought I could have ever reach. Thorough learning and exercising has helped me overcome my many fears. Words would fall short to express the gratitude and gratefulness to this place.
05:02 27 Jul 22
I found about Catalyst through a random Google search. At that very time I was not very sure about which career path I should choose that will be best for me. After connecting with Sauraveshwar sir in catalyst. I could get a sense of what I should do next after my undergrad. As I joined catalyst during covid year, it really helped me a lot to get through a lot of entrance exams. The materials provided from catalyst helped me a lot in preparing better for the exams. Also, the guidance I received from sir was very useful not just for the exams but also for life ahead.
Ankit SinghAnkit Singh
09:02 10 Jul 22
One of the best platform to learn and grow in such an amazing atmosphere. I thank the mentor as well as founder Sauraveswar Sen Sir for putting his effort and creating a holistic purview in every students mind who has been with catalyst as he has served the purpose and keeps on doing the same after we have finished our courses as well.
Sudeshna BandyopadhyaySudeshna Bandyopadhyay
08:23 03 Jul 22
When I first joined Catalyst, I had little to no idea of what I was going to do after graduation. Sauraveshawar Sir guided me day in and day out to help me come to a conclusion about my plans for Masters. It has been a wonderful experience.
We are grateful to our alumni at Catalyst.

About Catalyst: Since 2011, students and working professionals have been able to successfully craft a career with Bachelors and Masters programmes offered by TISS, Azim Premji University, TERI, XIM, IIT, Nirmala Niketan, NLSIU, Sciences Po, London School of Economics and Political Science, Symbiosis, IIMC, ACJ, XIC, JNU, Ambedkar University et al with capacity building training for development sector at Catalyst.

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Saturday, 12th June, 2021, 7:30pm - 8:30pm (IST) Speaker : Debrishi Brahma, Social Epidemiologist - Researcher; Masters in Public Health ...

The Emerging Face of Social Entrepreneurship in India

On Demand Webinar Expert Speaker : Prof. Satyajit Majumdar, Professor, Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, School of Management and Labour Studies, ...

Mental Well-being : Building resilience in the time of a pandemic

Speaker : Dr. Ananya Sinha, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (RCI registered) with 10+ years of clinical experience; Assistant Professor of Psychology, ...

Career in International Affairs : Prospects – Study Abroad Tips

Saturday, 5th June, 2021, 8pm - 9pm (IST) Speaker : Dishari Rakshit, Geopolitical Analyst, Masters in International Affairs, The Graduate ...

DEVELOPMENT : Some Experiences. Some Reflections.

Saturday, 5th June, 2021, 5pm - 6pm (IST) Speaker : Porag Shome, Faculty, School of Development, Azim Premji University Bangalore ...


DEVELOPMENT : Some Experiences. Some Reflections. Career in International Affairs : Prospects – Study Abroad Tips Mental Well-being : Building ...


Project ‘Raksha’ is an initiative by the present and past students of Catalyst to prevent people from contracting the Covid-19 ...

Jamia Millia Islamia launches e-Prospectus for the academic session 2021-2022, introduces 8 new courses and 4 departments

The entrance test for 134 courses will begin on July 26 and conclude on August 28, 2021, and the last ...

Combined Social Sector Expenditure by Centre and States as Per Cent of GDP has Increased in 2020-21 Compared to Previous Year

Slew of Measures Announced by Government to Ensure Economic and Social Protection to Vulnerable Sections During Pandemic The Economic Survey ...

Key Highlights of Economic Survey 2020-21

Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Economic Survey 2020-21 in the Parliament today. The ...

Career in Social Work

BY DISHA MUKHOPADHYAY 14th December, 2020, 23:56 (IST) On Sunday, 13th December 2020, Catalyst Alumni Network organised a webinar on ...

गरम हवा – Garam Hava – Eng Subtitles – Balraj Sahni, Farooq Shaikh

The Mirzas are a Muslim family living in a large ancestral house and running a shoe manufacturing business in the ...

Webinar with Dr. Krishnamurthy V Subramanian

Watch it on YouTube : ...

‘Communication is the key to everything’ – Nandita Talukdar

Communication is the key to everything; believing this age old saying and my passion to work in the development sector ...
On Consent

“Consent” by Kusumika Ghosh : Catalyst Alumnus Story

COVID-19 has pushed the world into a virtual reality at an unprecedented speed. We are working online, maintaining friendships and ...

TISS Masters – TISSNET – TISSMAT – PIT-PI Preparation

Nayonika Dutta from the Catalyst Class of 2019 shares her feedback after TISSNET 2019. Nayonika is presently pursuing her Masters ...

“Peace cannot be kept by force but only through understanding”

“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die.”- Napoleon Bonaparte. For ages such idealistic notions of ...

Tribal Problems

  The most vivid feature of the Indian society that evolves on the plurality of its myriad ethnic and social ...

Motherhood : Through trials and tribulations

Ashapurna Devi sketched out the myriad shades and shapes of the world of women in her revolutionary work, “The First Promise” ...

Out of the Shadows

A Shadow Theatre Project for the Youth of Kolkata RAHI Foundation, established in 1996, is a pioneering organization focused on ...